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Solitary Hemp Elixir

    $74.95 All Organic Fast-Acting

3 Pack of Elixir

    $204.60 (3 for $68.20 each) free delivery

6 Pack of Elixir

    $374.75 (6 for $62.50 each) free delivery

Solitary Hemp Elixir for $74.95

3 Pack for $204.60

    Save $20.25 + Free Delivery

6 Pack for $374.75

    Save $74.95 + Free Delivery

*We have confidence in access for everybody, and certainly will maybe not deny anybody centered on monetary restrictions. Please e mail us to find out more about our assistance system.


With this water-soluble technology, most users have the advantages – with proper dosage– in less than 30 moments, perhaps not thirty minutes like an everyday oil that is CBD-rich. Our technology encapsulates the hemp that is CBD-rich in nanobubbles of water, that causes the CBD-rich oil to be consumed directly into the bloodstream the 2nd it touches our mucous membranes.


The quick absorption from our IP-protected, water-encapsulated distribution system permits to get more cannabinoids into the hemp extract to go into the bloodstream and become utilized by the human body by bypassing first-pass food digestion. 250mg of our CBD is around 20x more bioavailable providing you exactly the same benefits of 5000mg of a fat-based, full range CBD oil.


While other water-soluble items in the marketplace are either nanosizing CBD isolate, we cracked the rule on the best way to make water-encapsulated, full range CBD-rich oils, without the need for any synthetic or synthetically modified substances. In reality, we are the company that is only can use certified organic, regeneratively grown flowers to get it done.


Components: CBD-Rich Hemp, Hemp Seed Oil, Acerola Cherry, Moringa, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Clear Water, Organic Quillaja.

CBD-Rich Hemp

CBD is one of hundreds of phytonutrients found in the hemp plant with some of the most extremely diverse and health that is effective present in Nature. Continue reading Hemp Elixir Shop